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deathpunkscum's Journal

11 April 1990
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Suomalainen ja ylpeä siitä.

I'm a girl from southern Finland. I can't live without music.
I overuse smileys and lols and all that.
I can't stand judgemental, childish or negative
people who won't live outside the box.

There are a few bands that I can say has changed my life; Placebo, HIM and Rammstein.
Maybe Slipknot as well. Slipknot showed that there is more than
just Linkin Park (my childhood favourite amongst Marilyn Manson :D).
Placebo showed me there is more than just
heavy metal, while HIM made me rid the prejudices.
Rammstein showed me there's beauty in everything ♥

Like it hasn't been noticed, music is very very important to me.
It has to be available all the time, otherwise I'll get super anxious.
My musical taste ranges, but is focused around rock and metal.
I don't think genre or how the musician looks like or how
mainstream or commercial the artist is has anything to do with the music being enjoyable.
Smallmindedness gives one nothing.

Other stuff: I don't believe in christianity, judaism, islam or any other religions.
It's the main reason why the world is so corrupt. It's a hinder for science.
Religions interest me, but doesn't affect my opinions or views on life.
I suffer from misantrophia at times.

Germany is love.

All is full of love.

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